Customer Review – Morphe Mini Buffer (M173 Brush) – @sharibramble – NajBeauty

Customer Review – Morphe Mini Buffer (M173 Brush) – @sharibramble

I don’t know how many of you experience trouble when it comes to blending concealer, particularly the popular LA girl concealer. I’ve never felt confident out at night with makeup on, flash would be my enemy but lately I got into the habit of blending my concealer with my fingers, as it doesn’t move around the concealer as much as my beauty blender. It was a quick and messy fix.
I just wanted to share how difficult a time I have had and how much EASIER blending has become with the Morphe Brushes M173 in my life. The brush is inexpensive but with all Morphe products, it’s worth more than the asking price. When I first got the brush, it was dense yet soft, basically the baby sister of the Morphe M439 (a brush I absolutely will not apply my makeup without).