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Membership Program and Membership Lottery

Based on your feedback we discovered are unclear about how the program works exactly. We hope to clear it up in the most detailed and short way.

Need-to-know Facts: (TL;DR)

  • Everytime you make a purchase you earn points
  • There are products in store which you can redeem using your points
  • Points can be used for cash discounts.
  • 10% Discount at Polished Beauty Clinic

Details on the program:

Loyal customers of NajBeauty now receive points with every purchase. Simply sign up in store for free whenever sign ups are open. Sign ups are not always open and they reopen at random points. Points are redeemable in cash discounts and product! Cardholders can redeem a $5 discount if they have 100 points or over. There are brush cleaners in store which can also be redeemed using your points. When you use your points they are deducted from your overall points balance. Its up to you whether or not you want to leave it to accumulate to claim large discounts e.g $50 off your purchase, or if you want to use it in parts. Points do not expire.

Present your card at Polished Beauty Clinic to receive a 10% discount off applicable services.

Membership Lottery:

Based on all the points you have accumulated at the point of drawing (used or not), you receive 1 lottery ticket for every 10 points you have. This way members with more points have more tickets in the draw. This doesn’t mean that if you have a few points you cannot win, but chances are higher for those who have a lot of points. Throughout the year we will be drawing tickets and announcing the winner’s member number on our instagram. The member must DM us identifying with their name that they are the winner. If  the winner does not have instagram, no worries they can always email us You can always view our instagram posts by visiting from any browser on a mobile device, computer etc.